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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that as a prospective member of Alpha Delta Lambda Gamma, you may have a few questions about who we are, what we do, what to expect, and what we offer members. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions and answers.

What is Alpha Delta Lambda Gamma?

Alpha Delta Lamba Gamma is an online sorority created by online students dedicated to online college students dedicated to facilitating meaningful, lifelong friendships and networking opportunities. 

When was Alpha Delta Lambda Gamma established?

The Founding Mothers came together in July 2021 and began the initial steps of creating our first chapter with students from Capella University. By November 2021, we, as a group, decided upon our name, pillars, and goals for our organization and sorority. Alpha Delta Lambda Gamma officially received articles of incorporation as a domestic nonprofit organization. 

Is Alpha Delta Lambda Gamma a Panhellenic sorority?

Alpha Delta Lambda Gamma is a non-Panhellenic sorority.

Who is eligible for membership?

Alpha Delta Lambda Gamma is dedicated to providing and promoting inclusivity within the Sorority and its associated Chapters. We believe that as an organization dedicated to supporting and empowering women,

all women, including trans and intersex women, have the right to participate in, shape, and benefit from what this organization offers.

Can I join Alpha Delta Lambda Gamma if I am already a part of another sorority? 

Alpha Delta Lambda Gamma prohibits dual membership, meaning we do not offer membership to individuals who are already a member of another sorority. 

Do you accept alumnae? 

We gladly welcome individuals who have already completed their program the opportunity to rush Alpha Delta Lambda Gamma in the effort of receiving a Bid for membership.

Are you a strictly online sorority?

Alpha Delta Lambda Gamma was created with online, nontraditional students in mind. While all of our meetings, hangouts, and speaker events are held online over Zoom, we as an organization encourage our Sisters to meet in person when the opportunity presents itself. Additionally, the Founding Mothers and Executive Council members are in the process of planning the SlothSisters first retreat, open to all members to attend and meet their fellow Sorors. 

What are the academic eligibility requirements for membership?

Alpha Delta Lambda Gamma is a non-academically driven sorority. We believe that ALL women should have the opportunity to join and participate in an organization that facilitates bonding between like-minded individuals regardless of grades. It is also our understanding that increased social support can help to increase resiliency, the ability to work through stressful situations while in school, and the adoption of healthier coping strategies, useful in maintaining and improving university student self-efficacy.  

Are there membership dues? If so, what are they used for?

Membership dues received from members are used to cover necessary costs associated with the organization, such as incorporation and registration fees, website, member welcome boxes, gifts for members throughout the year, as well as shipping costs related to sending gifts to members across the United States. 

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